What Does a Community Champion do?

Community Champions are involved in two types of engagements:

A “Community Orientation Visit” is typically for a candidate who is considering relocating to the area.  A Community Champion will showcase the local resources important to a particular family.  They’ll help the family determine whether the community is a good fit for them.  They’ll then, help the family narrow to down their search for a desired area to begin their real estate search.  This engagement may include visits to schools, churches, parks, shopping centers, country clubs, athletic resources, health care facilities, walkable communities, arts amenities, entertainment centers, etc...   Often, introductions are made to School Administrators, Coaches, Faith leaders and other relevant contacts to help the family discover local amenities.

Typically after the candidate and their family have decided to make the transition we may facilitate a “Community Immersion Engagement”.  This engagement focuses specifically on assimilation into the community.  The Community Champion will learn the family's desired activities and organizations of interest within the community.  They will suggest organizations and resources, provide recommendations, contact information and arrange meaningful introductions where opportunities exist.   For example, if a child is interested in a particular club activity (i.e., lacrosse, volleyball or equestrian) the Community Champion will provide information about the typical season, tryout dates, contact information and may arrange a visit to the club.  Alternatively, if a family member aspires to get involved in a particular charity or do faith-based volunteer work, the Community Champion will provide pertinent information about how to get involved, contact information and may arrange an introduction with a current member or executive director. 

Is There Training Required?

Training will be offered to Community Champions to enhance knowledge about local resources and they will be expected to know and be able to concisely and enthusiastically provide details to candidates and family members.

Additional Hiring Information

As part of the candidate selection process, candidates will demonstrate familiarity with community resources and convey a personality and character well suited to work with executive and professional candidates.  Interested parties will do a mock tour with certain Community Insiders managers.

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