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The Opportunity

Community Insiders offers an excellent opportunity to do meaningful work, get paid a reasonable amount, and determine the hours you prefer to work.  The work you do and the training you receive will draw you closer to you community and allow you to be an advocate for the place you call home. 

About Us

Community Insiders has two primary goals: 1) to help our clients to recruit their top candidates by showcasing our local communities, and 2) to help those candidates and their families acclimate to the community as seamlessly as possible, improving retention and reducing transition related stress.  We do this by spending time with families showcasing the community and helping them to assess fit.  Once here, we help them to become acclimated to their new community. 

Job Description

Community Insiders is seeking “Community Champions”; outgoing, people-oriented individuals, who have lived in their existing community for more than 4 years and have ample familiarity with community amenities.  The ideal candidates will have a disposition and a vehicle commensurate with the responsibilities of touring executives, physicians, university faculty and community VIPs.  We are looking for individuals keenly familiar with the following communities: Highland Park, University Park, Lakewood, Preston Hollow, Uptown, Plano, Frisco, Southlake and Fort Worth.  Although training will be offered to fill in gaps, ideal candidates will be able to speak firsthand about community activities, resources and amenities. 


Interested parties will work on a part-time basis, typically in blocks of 4-8 hours which are accommodating to the schedules of our clients.  During scheduled times, Community Champions will limit, to the extent practicable, outside disruptions.  Champions will decide which days they prefer to work, and how many days per week or month they’d like to work.

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